Astrophe is a **STAR**

In January a strange thing happened. We were contacted by photographers from The Vorhees who needed to take some pictures of a tortoise for an article about human longevity in Popular Science magazine. They needed a tortoise that was mid-sized (but small enough for me to carry!) and had lots of light colors on the shell. Astrophe fit the bill perfectly, so I allowed them to photograph him. He posed and performed like a champ, and The Vorhees made a donation to the rescue in exchange for his talent. The best part? They gave me copies of the pictures 🙂

PopSci_Longevity_SC2_013 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_024 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_039 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_041 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_043 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_044 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_046 1 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_046 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_047 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_054 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_055 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_059 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_060 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_071 1 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_071 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_072 1 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_072 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_073 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_074 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_077 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_078 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_079 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_080 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_081 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_082 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_084 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_086 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_088 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_089 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_090

This is my favorite!
This is my favorite!

PopSci_Longevity_SC2_092 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_093 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_101 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_112 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_114 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_115 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_116

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