Our Wish List

Everybody’s got a wish list. Top on ours is one of these greenhouses from Sunrise Farms. It’s perfect because it comes with a visual barrier and they’ll even do an electrical kit (we had electricity stubbed out into the tortoise yard earlier this year, so we’re ready!). If we were to purchase this today, it would use about 80% of the Rescue’s financial resources, so we’re going to wait a little longer and keep saving up for it. If you want to help, of course we wouldn’t turn you down, but this post is really just intended to show you what we’re up to, and what we’re aiming for. I’m considering doing a fundraising push for this sometime in the next month or so – we want to have it up and ready before winter – but I haven’t fully decided yet. greenhouse

Other things we always want and need are on our Amazon Wish List, the one I’m most excited about is getting my hands on a few TrackR Bravos to epoxy onto tortoise shells. Other, more mundane things like bleach, first aid supplies, a few books for our tortoise library (because, disclaimer: I’m not a vet), cactus seeds, and the list goes on.

Anyway, that’s what we’re up to, and that’s what we’re saving for, in case you’re interested. If you have any fun ideas for a fundraiser please let me know. I hate asking people for money and if there’s a fun, creative way to do it that doesn’t feel so…asky…I’m all ears! Join our Facebook volunteer group, Tortoise Heroes, if you have an idea.


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