Food for Rescues

Sometimes people ask us how they can help, and it’s not always about money. In fact, the biggest need we have that is easy to fill is for food. We always need food for the tortoises! If you have spineless cactus that you don’t mind parting with, we’d love to have it if you’re planning to visit us anyway. If you’re in the Austin/San Antonio metroplex and you have a bunch of it we’ll even come chop it down and haul it away for you 🙂

Occasionally the kind folks at Mazuri send us free bags of tortoise food, but we are hesitant to ask them for how many we would truly need, and at $30.99/bag feeding tortoises can get pretty expensive. So if you don’t feel like playing with cactus but you are still itching to help, we certainly wouldn’t turn down a bag of tortoise food!