Sulcata Foster Program

Quick facts about sulcata tortoises:

  • Size: Up to >150lbs
  • Longevity: 150 years
  • Diet: Yard grass/weeds, prickly pear cactus (great for hydration!), hibiscus, roses, grape leaves, turk’s cap, cucumbers (great for hydration!), whole pumpkins once you’re done with them for the year, fruit only occasionally (good for photo ops!)
  • Personality: variable from quiet/shy to outgoing/bully
  • Habitat: think African savannah

What kind of outdoor habitat will I need to provide?

  • Sturdy fenced in area – 6,000 square feed preferred but will consider smaller ones for sulcatas less than 50 lbs
  • Winter shelter with heat – we use LifeSaver dog houses and Stanfield Heat Mats by Osbourne Industries
  • Constant source of fresh water

How long will this animal be in my care? 
The reason we are looking for a foster is because this animal isn’t available for regular adoption, but we want the animal to have a better habitat than what we can currently provide at CTTR’s facility. So, this is likely to be a long term foster (>1 year) but if it’s not working out at any time we’ll take the animal back.

What would I be on the hook for providing?

  • Water source (we like the bottom of a dogloo, or a partially buried kiddy pool with one side cut down so the tort can walk in and out)
  • Natural graze as described above (grass, weeds, cactus)
  • Transportation from CTTR and back to CTTR if/when you return the animal
  • Transportation to/from veterinary appointments if the animal becomes sick or injured
  • Electricity/plug source for winter heat mat
  • Areas of sun and shade for thermoregulation
  • Regular pictures/updates to CTTR on animal’s condition

What will CTTR provide?

  • Education/guidance on habitat and care
  • A “house” if you don’t already have one available for use
  • A heat mat
  • CTTR will cover veterinary fees at Kyle Animal Hospital or another approved clinic (we will pay the vet directly, they’ll probably need to call us to collect payment)


  • CTTR will not responsible for any accident, injury, or property damage caused by the tortoise.
  • CTTR may reclaim the animal at any time for any reason.
  • CTTR may inspect the enclosure space in person (we would arrange property access with you in advance, we won’t just come trounce around unannounced).

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