This will be a bit of a rant, but thank you for bearing with me, if you have the patience. This is coming from a time when I had a lot of folks scheduling appointments and not showing up, or showing up very early (while I was still at work, an hour away…), or very late (and sometimes I simply can’t stay and wait because one child or another needs picked up, etc.). I’m truly not [usually] as grumpy as this post makes it seem, but each of us can only take so much at once. Thank you for letting me share.

When we schedule appointments for adoption or for re-homing (surrendering), we take that very seriously as a commitment to you and to your animal. What that means is that I arrange all of my other commitments around that. Sometimes that means telling my kids “no, I can’t take you here or there at this time, because I’m expecting someone,” or telling a close friend, “I’m sorry, I can’t accept this invitation because I’m expecting someone,” or scheduling grocery shopping, errands, and even my day job around the expectation that YOU are going to show up at a certain time, and that you will expect me to be here. And I will, because am committed to you. I need that same respect back from you. Emergencies happen, traffic happens, illness happens – it’s all about communication. If you change your mind but don’t tell me, I’ll likely have said no to my kids and at least three other offers of things to do with my time, because I’m waiting for you to show up. I really need you to have the kind of respect for our appointment that you would have for any other obligation. If you’re running early or late, call or text me to let me know.

(512) 309-0059

I can accommodate almost anything with a little communication, and I promise you that the future of your shelled family member is worth it. Thanks for listening.