How do I adopt a tortoise?

Please be prepared to provide an outdoor habitat for your new family member. Read through all of the information on our Adopt a Tortoise page, complete an Adoption Application, and e-mail enclosure photos. We cannot respond to e-mail, text, or Facebook based adoption inquiries, so please use the Adoption Application form to initiate the adoption process.

I have a sulcata and I’d like to adopt another one … (read me)

I don’t live nearby. Will you ship, or meet me partway?

Unfortunately we do not have the resources to travel to drop off or pick up animals, and we absolutely will not ship. If you cannot arrange to come to the rescue yourself, we don’t mind if you send a friend or family member in your place. All we care about is getting these guys into great homes!

Are all of your animals available for adoption? 

Only some of our animals are available for adoption. There are various reasons for that, such an animal being sick, being a part of our (now defunct) sanctuary program, or being one of the first animals we took in, when we maybe didn’t have a clear understanding of the amazing need there was for our services, and didn’t realize at how much of a premium enclosure space would be. We’ve learned and grown since then, but are committed to doing the best we can by the few permanent residents that we do keep, and unfortunately they are not available for adoption.

Why do you charge adoption fees? Doesn’t that make you no better than a pet store? 

We performed mathematical exercise to figure out what our most basic minimum annual operating expenses are over the course of a year (vet bills, food, required maintenance) and divided that by the number of animals we can generally expect to rescue in a year. Keeping in mind that some animals will cost us 0 to maintain, some will cost thousands (sick tortoises are very, very expensive), our adoption fees cover the average cost it costs us to care for each animal. We don’t make money doing this, and we can’t cover any extra expenses with adoption fees (obviously we simply donate all of the electricity, water, time and labor, but it does cost money to build new enclosures and repair things), we rely on donations over and above adoption fees for that, but the adoption fees do allow us to keep our doors open and continue helping animals.

How do I surrender an animal? 

It is never easy giving up a family pet, and tortoises are no exception. We deeply sympathize with the circumstances that led you to this decision, and we are committed to providing the best possible care that we can for your animal until we can find a perfect forever home. Our goal with re-homing (adopting) is that we want any potential adopter has to be able to provide even better conditions than we can ourselves provide, ensuring your animal an outdoor environment in which it can thrive and live a long and happy life. Please fill out a surrender form, and we will be in touch as soon as we can with a link to our calendar so that you can schedule the drop off.

Will you keep my animal forever? What if I support it?

We cannot keep your animal for you. Through a lot of soul searching and many shed tears, we have come to the decision to not offer sanctuary or permanent residency to healthy, re-homeable animals that come into our care. Please do not pressure us about this, it was a very hard decision, and still aches. Thank you for your understanding. Read more here. 

I can’t get my animal to you, can you come pick it up?

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to pick up animals. We have had several amazing and generous offers from people willing to help, but at this time our resources are spread pretty thin and we cannot manage the rescue and also perform the role of volunteer coordinator. Please ensure that you can find a way to transport your animal to us in San Marcos, Texas, prior to completing the surrender form.

What are your hours?

We do not maintain regular open hours because we operate the Rescue out of our family home. We will happily share a scheduling link with you if you are adopting or surrendering and animal, or for a brief tour (we’re very small, it only takes a few minutes to see everything, so we recommend coupling your trip with a time you’re coming to Wimberley or San Marcos anyway).

Can I come for a tour? 

Of course! I would love to meet you, show you around, and introduce you to all of our rescues! Schedule a tour here.

Can I use the bathroom?

We no longer allow people into our home to use the restroom (not even senior citizens or children…I’m sorry). There are gas stations within five to ten minutes either direction from our location, so please plan accordingly. Thank you for respecting our family’s privacy.

Do you have a wishlist? 

I’m so glad you asked! Some things we always need are canned pumpkin, bales of hay, spineless cactus, Lowe’s gift cards, and more!

What else should I know?

We are excited about every opportunity to help an animal find a loving forever home. We believe that tortoises and box turtles thrive in an appropriate outdoor environment, and our passion is uniting these amazing creatures with the amazing people who love them as much as we do!