Sometimes people ask us what our material needs are here at CTTR. In addition to our Amazon Wishlist, we’ve put together some ideas here. All of the tortoises here at the Rescue say THANK YOU!

Bales of hay

Cactus (we prefer the spineless because it’s easier to work with)

Mealworms -fresh or freeze dried!

Red wiggler worms

Dandelion seeds

Grass seeds

Wildflower seeds

Sphagnum moss



Hibiscus plants (hardy)

Aloe Vera plants

Cucumber plants

“Tortoise Safe” plants

Fish food (we raise mosquitofish for some of our turtles)

Mazuri tortoise food

Lowe’s gift cards

Landscape timbers

Pre-fabbed raised garden beds (can be used for growing tortoise food OR as small/temporary enclosures)

Add money to Central Texas Tortoise Rescue’s account at Kyle Animal Hospital